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Eritrean Rap Artist Sador Fessahaye has lived in South Central Los Angeles since the age of 7. He is the 9th child out of 10 children. Using the stage name Sandman Negus, Sandman started rapping and making music at the age of 12. By age 15 he started recording. Sandman Negus was Born January 12, 1986 in Bulgaria, Europe. Although Sandman Negus is from Eritrea, the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea forced his family to migrate to Khartoum, Sudan. The lived there for years then relocated to Bulgaria in Europe where the family lived for a year and which was Sandman Negus birth place. The Fessahaye family could not obtain Sandman's birth certificate and shortly after his mother gave birth, the family was forced to relocate back to Khartoum, Sudan. In 1993, at the age of 7, the Fessahaye family moved to the United States in hope of a better future for their family. The family moved to the jungles (Hillcrest area) in Los Angeles, California to begin their new life. Sandman was enrolled in  Hillcrest Elementary school but did not stay for long due to the shooting and drugs the family relocated to 10th Ave and 63rd which the parents felt it was a safer place to raise their children. Sandman began second grade at Hyde Park Elementary. On February 5, 1997 Sandman’s eldest brother died from Cancer and this tragedy took a heavy toll on young Sandman. His brother was always someone he looked up to and admired. From that day on, Sandman felt he needed to continue his older brother legacy and continue trying to take his family out the hood, so Sandman fell in love with making music so he began writing and rapping. Sandman Negus was then born. Not only was his brother his inspiration to begin writing, but also influential rappers such as Tupac Shakur and Nas. Sandman spent most of his free time tapping into his artistic abilities by making music, sketching, painting, and drawing. Sandman grew up in a disciplined home with a strict father. Sandman loved music so much, it was he's passion ever since a little boy in Africa he was the entertainer of he's family following his big brother Yonas footsteps, he started making a name for he's self, in 2005 he was recruited by yahoo and pepsi as a westcoast representative in a segment called mic pass. At first he was going by the name Sandman but since that name was already taken by another rapper, he then added Negus behind it which means King in tigriyna his native language. He gave himself the name Sandman because of where he came from and he was always studying kings and studied his background which he found out he is a descendant of Kings. At the age of 19, after years of living the street life, Sandman was a victim of police corruption and spent months in jail for an alleged robbery for which he was later found not guilty. At this point in his life, Sandman turned to streets, and by the age of 20, Sandman took a wrong turn in life and ended up in jail, Sandman was done with going to jail and slowly but surely started to change his life around, Sandman began working on his music and his mixtape, "Extraz Vol. 1". On August 2, 2008, after leaving the home to take his business partner TC aka Tall Cuzz home, he was followed by hispanic gang members, they exchanged words with Sandman then the gang members shot Sandman nine times while he was driving in traffic, due to on going L.A gang violence. He was shot in his colon, liver, both lungs, left and right diaphragm, shoulders and his neck. He had to undergo eight surgeries and was in a coma for 26 days. Despite all the trauma that Sandman has faced, he still was able to recover from the shooting and use music as his therapy. Two months after the shooting, Sandman finished his mix tape and shot the video for mixtape single entitled "EXTRAS" ever since then hes been shooting videos, and creating more music. he made a contribution to his native country Eritrea by creating a songs about the history of his  country., Sandman also have a worldwide fan base, hes been touring ever since June 2009, he had offers from major labels, Hes currently working on hes single and calibrating with major artist from across the United States. Sandman is an inspiration to all, he had so much love for his country. Sandman Negus did it all for his country and his family. He will forever be known as the Eritrean King.  For more info GOOGLE Sandman Negus​.

Based on a True Story...

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